<size=30>[US EAST] Intractable | Friendly Fire & Stamina = off.

<align="left"><size=25>Discord server (Clickable): Discord

<align="left"><size=25>1. Do not kill other SCP's as 079/computer in any way (example: tesla gate).
<align="left"><size=25>2. Do not kill yourself or disconnect just because you do not like your class
<align="left"><size=25>3. No hacking/cheating/exploiting/glitching.
<align="left"><size=25>4. Do not intentionally hold up the game.
<align="left"><size=25>5. Do not camp nuke room
<align="left"><size=25>6. SCPs teaming with Chaos is allowed, but all other cross teaming is not.
<align="left"><size=25>7. Do not close doors on people to cause annoyance. This does not mean you cannot close doors on people that are chasing you.
<align="left"><size=25>8. No discrimination of any kind. This includes racism, harassment, sexism, etc.
<align="left"><size=25>9. Do not target someone because of who they are or their status. Example being streamer, youtuber, staff, northwood staff, etc.
<align="left"><size=25>10. No harassment of any type.
<align="left"><size=25>11. Do not micspam in SCP chat, radio, or spectator.
<align="left"><size=25>12. Micspamming over the intercom several times under a short time span will result in a mute.

<align="left"><size=25>If you are confused or have any questions about the rules, feel free to ask in the discord server under #support.

<align="center"><size=30>List of plugins:

<size=25>- No cuffed TK
<size=25>- Candy Utilities
<size=25>- Custom Items
<size=25>- Custom Roles
<size=25>- Remote Keycard
<size=25>- Respawn Timer
<size=25>- Heal SCPs
<size=25>- SCP 035
<size=25>- SCP 1162
<size=25>- SCP Proximity Chat