[EU-Central] Indigo Network Community Server

Server Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Welcome to the Indigo Network Community Server! Feel free to join in and have fun, our server is mostly vanilla, we might do some events if mods are online. FF = OFF

Contact: The official Email for question related to this server is [email protected]. You may also write a message through Discord to @ncntnkrs or @motsee. We will try to reply as soon as possible.

Our Discord
There may be a Discord in the near future if this server reaches a certain playerbase, but as of now there is none.

1. General respect and common sense in communication should be common practice and any form of harassment and/or discrimination will not be tolerated and severely punished.
-Being a general nuisance and ruining other peoples fun is also included and will result in a kick or mute.
2. This server is an English only server and continuous use of other languages is prohibited.
3. Trying to impersonate admins, owner, mods or any other staff member is also strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.
4. Begging for roles, items, classes or anything else should be refrained from and might end in a mute.
5. Trolling in general is prohibited and can be pursued with a ban or kick. This includes closing doors on teammates, messing with the warhead on purpose or stealing dropped items in 914/after an escape.
6. Any form of Hacking, cheating will be banned without hesitation and reported to Northwood Studios for further Investigation.
7. Soundboard in game is allowed , as long as it is within reason, which is to be decided by an on site mod. ANY form of soundboard, music or mic-spamming in global/semi-global chats such as: intercom, spectator chat, SCP Chat and radio is strictly prohibited.
8. Cross teaming is only allowed under specific circumstances.
-MTF and Chaos may team up if there are SCPs alive.
-Humans and SCPs are not allowed to team in any way with one exception:
-Making a deal with an SCP, that is trapped in a room is allowed.
9. Following rules apply to cuffed personnel:
-Anyone, who is cuffed is not to be shot, unless an active escape behaviour can be seen.
-Killing someone who is actively surrendering is also prohibited.
-Falsely surrendering will also not be tolerated.
Any of the above mentioned situations can be punished if being executed on multiple occasions.
10. Spawncamping MTF or Chaos spawnwaves is prohibited. It counts as spawncamping if a clear intention if waiting for the spawnwave for elimination is observed.
11. Dragging out the game by excessive camping or not persuading the active goal of your class will end in slight punishments like position leaks, but if done in excessive amounts might trigger more severe punishments.
12. Have fun, without ruining the fun of others.

If you see rule-breaking actions don't hesitate to report them, for further investigation, but also don't report anyone for every little aspect, especially if something can be solved by asking them to stop.