1. Cease racism, homophobia, or prejudice, and don't intentionally harass other players.
2. Do not stall/delay round end for ANY REASON, if you are stuck, leave and rejoin.
3. NTF and Facility Guards aren't allowed to team with enemy factions, and SCPs/Serpents Hand cannot team with anyone but Class D, and Chaos Insurgency. Cuffed Class D/Scientists are exempt from these rules as they can escape and join different factions.
4. You are allowed to mic-spam, but NOT allowed to Earrape spam, Players earraping will get a 30 minute ban, then 1 day, then 3 day, then 7 day, and so on. (To client mute a player micspamming press N)
5. Abusing Later Join will get you a despawn and warn on first offense, then 30 minute ban, then 1 day ban, then 3 day, then 7 day and so on.
6. Staff are not allowed to abuse in any way, if you catch one abusing (eg. spawning themselves as SCP, or healing themselves or spawning in items) Report them to Riverrunner#7777 on discord asap.
-=Unlimited SCP Custom Plugins=-
1. UnlimitedSCP Laterjoin: people who join up to 4 minutes late will still be spawned in, the chances are as followed: 60% ClassD, 30% Scientist, 10% Facility Guard
3. New NTF Wave Classes: NTF Gunslinger, NTF Sniper, NTF Armsdealer, NTF Medic (Class details in discord)
4. New Start game classes: Scientist Vigilante, Major Scientist, Serpents Hand (Class details in discord)
5. New Chaos Wave Classes: Chaos Stalker, Chaos Juggernaut, Chaos Phantom (Class details in discord)
6. Scientists now all spawn in PC-12, and SCP 079's rooms are permanently locked open.
7. New SCP Faction: Serpents Hand, These vile humans work with SCPs in killing everyone, they cannot harm or be harmed by SCPs, They (Since we cant change models) look like tutorials. They spawn on the surface at the start of the round and 1 is spawned per 6 Class D in the game to a max of 2. They cannot hurt or be hurt by Class D, and if a Class D escapes with a Serpents Hand nearby the Class D will turn into a Serpents Hand, this allows Serpents Hand and Chaos to work together, or fight over the Class D.
8. CISpy:Being remade.
9. MVP: At the end of the round 3 MVPs will be chosen, First to contain an SCP, First to escape the facility, and most kills as SCP, The color of their name represents their start of the game class.
10. In-Game Patreon Reward Commands: Details in the Patreon link, all Patreon rewards are designed to be Non-Pay-To-Win.
11. Coarse Teleportation Remade: Entering 914 on coarse will teleport you to a random location in HCZ or LCZ while taking 50% of your current health as a price, should be used for escaping.
12. 914 Class Change Reborn: Class Change System can be found on the Discord.

-=Public Plugins=-
1. At the end of the round Friendly Fire is temporarily turned on. (Fix soon)
2. NTF/Chaos can cuff ClassD/Scientists, and if they escape while cuffed they become the other class (ex. Cuffed Scientist = Chaos)
3. Players do not need to hold their keycards in their hands to open doors. (Fix Soon)
4. BetterDisarming: Cuffed Chaos and Cuffed NTF will switch sides when escaping.
5. Frequent blackouts will happen, making the facility dark and dangerous. (Will be Fixed soon!)
6. ClassD and Scientists spawn with special items. (Fix soon)
7. NTF, Facility Guards, and Scientists do not activate Tesla gates. (Fix Soon)

Big thanks to: Galaxy119/Joker, KoukoCocoa, iopietro, Beryl, Cyanox, KadeDev, lXxMangoxXl, Squ, MrBeast
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