Crazybeastz's Lair

This is STRICTLY a hardcore/roleplay server.. Meaning..

We are here to play, win and have fun.

MTF/Chaos - you are encouraged to listen to and work with your team, this both provides a challenge for SCP's and allows MTF a chance to win.

form squads, listen to your ranking officer.

Refusing to obey orders from your ranking officer is an act of insubordination, and is frowned upon and can get you punished.

if your superior officer is dead, you may choose to form a squad or go solo.

The rules are simple..

- Don't mic spam
- Don't abuse other members or be rude
- no racism or homophobia
- Listen to your superiors
- work with your team
- focus on the objective.

Basically, just don't be a clown.

Breaking the above rules is an immediate ban except insubordination, which will get you warned & nerfed/kicked.

you can appeal your ban in the discord by raising a ticket -

Elsewise have fun, be kind, and join a great community of people.

Please do use the reporting system too, ideally it would be better to also send in video proof of unwanted behavior to accelerate the process. but if a report comes in, an admin will try to drop in and investigate.