Chronicle Labs INFO

Discord: Link

PlayerXP makes Chronicle Labs special!
PlayerXP only works on Chronicle Labs!
Earn XP and Ranks by playing on the server!
Ranks gives D-Class starting benefits, such as Keycards and beneficial SCPs
PlayerXP also tracks K/Ds, brag to friends!

The Golden Rule
1. Cheating or exploiting the game will result in a permanent ban.
This is in compliace with Northwood Studios.
Otherwise, anything and everything goes!

**More information about the plugins can be found on our discord, link above!**

EXILED Framework by Joker119#0119 and Citrio#0001
EXILED Gamemodes by previous authors
PlayerXP by Citrous#3578

All credits attributed above is given to discord ID's.

Special thanks to QuickEdits#5706 for creating the discord logo.

Please note that by joining the server, you agree for your SteamId to be tracked in order to track PlayerXP and Stats. This data is not used outside of this server. We are not responsible in the case of a date breach, however, we take reasonable actions to protect any and all data sent provided to us while playing on the server. If you would like your data to be expunged, please email [email protected]