[UK] - Athena Laboratories

Welcome to Athena Laboratories, please read the rules below before joining.

General Rules:

1 - Listen to staff members at all times, regardless of rank.
2 - Swearing is allowed but it may not be directed at someone negatively.
3 - Racial slurs are strictly forbidden.
4 - If you need assistance or want to report a rule breaker, notify a member of staff on the server. If there is no staff then you may report it in our Discord server.

Gameplay Rules:

1 - Class D Personnel KOS is allowed, but not recommended as a cuffed escape counts towards your win condition. It is your choice if you want to KOS Class D Personnel. However, an already cuffed Class D Personnel who is being escorted by another Facility Guard or NTF may not be killed. This rule is the same for Chaos Insurgency and Scientists.

2 - Teaming between Chaos Insurgency and SCPs is allowed if they have a common goal that benefits both sides. For example: An NTF wave has spawned.

3 - Class D Personnel may team with Scientists if they wish, but they must be cuffed at the time of escaping.

4 - SCPs have the option to spare humans if they wish to, but this must not be done excessively.

5 - NTF and Facility Guards should always assist Scientists with escaping, the same rule applies to Chaos Insurgency and Class D Personnel.

Thank you for reading our rules.

If you wish to report a rule breaker or member of staff, you can join our Discord server with the code: PcVunqhMZt