[UK] Turb's Territory


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1. No racism, homophobia or discrimination.
2. Soundboards, micspam and music is not allowed on radios, SCP chat or the Lobby.
3. Keep soundboards to a minimum, if someone asks you to quiet down, do so.
4. No 079 team killing (tesla gates)
5. No KOS D-Class unless they are dangerous or aren't following orders. (Scientists can KOS D-Class). Cuffed D-Class should not be shot.
6. SCP's can not team with MTF, scientists or D-class unless bargaining.
7. Listen to staff at all times.
8. Rules can always be updated, staff's say is final.


- LuckyPills (This can give you random effects when painkillers are taken.)
- Stalky 106 (This allows 106 to teleport to a random player.)
- Pushing! (This allows you to push other players by clicking f by doing "cmdbind f .push" in your console!)
- Stamina Changes(You gain stamina TWICE as fast as vanilla.)
- Airdrops(Crates drop from the sky having useful items inside.)
- ScpStats (This gives you the discord rank ingame and also keeps track of some stats.)
- WhoAreMyTeammates (Tells you who your teammates are at the start of the round.)
- WaitAndChill (This replaces the black lobby screen and spawns players in an arena)
- SCP-049 and SCP-049-2 can talk to humans.
- Respawn Timer (Shows when and what you will spawn as on the spectator screen.)
- 914 changes (Rough kills you, Coarse teleports you out with a poison effect.)
- Commonutils (This helps us run the server.)
- Hats (This adds hats that follow you around, you can access this through our patreon.)