Tie Town

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Server Features
- 914 on rough kills Class-D and downgrades Scientists!
--> There is also a 10% chance to be teleported anywhere in light on rough, if you survive.
- A small chance to get a Micro-HID from an O5 on rough.
- Friendly Fire on the round end!
- Class-D has a chance to spawn with some items.
- Autonuke at 20 mins and a forced end within 5 minutes (if a mod is available to do so)
- SCP-049 can speak to humans! Use your noclip keybind to toggle proximity chat on and off!
- Peanut detonates upon death! Beware...
- MTF and Chaos can cuff each other to swap teams.
- Items DO NOT have to be dropped in 914

Server Rules

1) Don't intentionally sabotage your team
- Using tesla gates against fellow SCPs & repeatedly disabling SCP-079's generators as MTF is not allowed.
- Tricking your team into death is no issue (be careful about who you trust).
- When playing as CI or Class-D, this rule does not apply.

2) Hacking and exploiting is not permitted.
Exploiting refers to glitching or using tricks to get into spots that give a direct advantage - being unkillable or completely unseen. Spots, where you can be killed, are permitted. Continued abuse of unkillable spots when forcibly removed will result in bans.
Going out of bounds to gain an advantage is strictly forbidden and will result in an instant ban.

3) Micspam/excessive noise is not allowed in SCP chat, spectator, or over the radios.
- Proximity chat soundboards are allowed, and soundboards used in SCP chat, radios, and spectator should be kept to a minimum.
- If you are asked to stop with the sounds/music in SCP chat, radios, or spectator, stop.
- Soundboards are generally fine on the intercom, just not loud audio clips.

4) Blatant racism/Homophobia/discrimination/hate speech will not be tolerated.
- No N-words, f-slurs, or anything of the like.

5) Harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstance.
- Joking around with friends is fine
- Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

6) Listen to server staff and abide by what they enforce on you
- If you feel like you have received an unfair ban or warning, DM/ping the server host directly.

If rounds persist after 25 mins or 5 mins after the nuke, the game will be forcibly restarted
This is to prevent rounds from going on too long.

Noteable plugins:
- Common Utilities
- Scripted Events (for Patreon game modes)
- PeanutGoBoom
- ScpChatExtension (SCP-049 only)