Welcome to The Shoebox!

If you don't recognize us, good.

Don’t worry, we are still pretty much the same, save for some key details, keep reading!

This server has NO stamina! Radios are locked to ultra range and consume no battery. You also have infinite intercom time.

SCP-914 has MANY different effects on almost all classes AND items. If you see something weird, there is a high chance it may be due to this. You’ll have to discover these special interactions for yourself!


Advertising other servers.
Stealing other people’s belongings in SCP-914
KOS (Kill on sight) by D-class as a Scientist, Guard, or MTF. Instead, cuff them and escort them out. Detained D-class may be killed if they are not following REASONABLE orders.
SCP 049-2 may NOT kill themselves

Things you CAN do that you usually can’t:
Mic spamming

If you need to report a player that is breaking our rules, please visit our website:

We hope you enjoy your time here.

Server Info page written by T, formatted by Carolus