<align="center" color="white"><size=250%>Unemployed Laboratory</font>

<size=150%><color="blue">To join our Discord: click here!


<size=75%>[1] No K.O.S

<size=75%>[2] No Racism/sexual harassment

<size=75%>[3] Don't be to toxic

<size=75%>[4] Do not abuse exploits

<size=75%>[5] No friendly fire

<size=75%>[6] No NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

<size=75%>[7] No killing cuffed people

<size=75%>[8] Do not abuse the report system

<size=75%>[9] Do not do anything that can delay the round.

<size=75%>[10] No mic spamming of any kind (No mic spam in intercom, spectator chat and SCP chat)

<size=75%>[11] No suicide as SCP

<size=75%>[12] Keep it English at all times

<size=75%>[13] No team sabotage

<size=75%>[14] No Teaming with the SCP (Except Chaos insurgency)