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• Cheating is prohibited
‣ Usage of any <color=#bf213e>3rd party programs / exploits / bugs to gain unfair advantage.</color>

• Toxicity is prohibited
‣ Self explanatory.

• Racism is prohibited
‣ Self explanatory.

• Trolling is prohibited
‣ Self explanatory.

• Teaming is prohibited
‣ Self explanatory.

• Mic spam is prohibited
‣ This includes earrape, spamming, soundboard.

• Ghosting is prohibited
‣ E.g: Telling people information from spectator in a call.

• Spawn killing is prohibited
‣ E.g: timing a grenade right when mtf/chaos spawn.

• Suiciding / Leaving after getting assigned a class is prohibited
‣ You are not allowed to Suicide/Leave the game because you got assigned a class that you dont want.

• Camping is prohibited
‣ E.g: Staying in a place where people can't kill you in order to wait for the next mtf/chaos spawn.

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