Welcome to "This is an SCP server"
This server is MODDED. Find the info about the mods in our discord server.
*And yes the name has a grammar issue on purpose*
Please read the rules. Enjoy your time on here.

Appeal your bans in the discord below
Discord server (click to join)

Please remember, that this server is still in development. Some crashes and bugs may occur. Incase of a server crash, please wait about 5 mintues and then the server should be back up.


*Don't complain if a staff uses their powers for fun after 2:01am (GMT+2)*


• No cheating/glitching (eg. fly hacks, speed hacks, noclip hacks)
Permanent Ban, no appeals!

• No verbose racism. (Excluding names, please do not report someone just because he has n-word in his name)

• Don't impersonate staff.

• No teaming with enemies.

• Do not delay the round.

• As a SCP, do not Kill SCP-035 on purpouse. (He looks like a smaller D-Class)

• Do not Tranq your own teammates unless they consent.

• MTF Are not allowed to get a d-class out without cuffing them.

• Respect staff members.

• Use common sense.

• SCPs cannot team with the foundation (Scientist, Guard, MTF). SCPs can team with teams against the foundation (D-Class, CI).

• No self advertising.

• No killing cuffed players (including uncuffing them to kill them).

• No teamkilling (INCLUDES using enemies and or scps to kill teammates).

• No closing doors/bullying your teammates (if your running from scps then this doesnt apply).

• No earrape or soundboards in scp chat, spectator or radio.

• No troll reports.

• 3 warnings equals a ban that will be 1 day long. Every 3 warnings the ban length doubles. After hitting 12 warnings you will be permanently banned.