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Server Rules

[1] Be friendly with other Players, toxicity or harassment is not allowed in this server.
[2] No Micspamming, earraping, or NSFW audio of any kinda. Soundboards are allowed for everyone but can only be used in proximity chat. (You can not use it in dead chat or intercom)
[3] Guards can not kill D-class in Light containment zone unless of self defense or Mtf or Chaos has spawned.
[4] Don't grief your fellow teammates. (Closing doors on teammates teamkilling, uncuffing another class at the exit zone to make them another class, for example guard uncuffing d class at exit to turn them into chaos)
[5] Scientist/Guards/mtf may not team with Scps or Chaos, but D-Class and Chaos can team with Scps.
[6] Do not shoot cuffed personnel, this includes uncuffing them to kill them. (Unless they are stalling the round)
[7] Respect the staff team and do not impersonate them, leaving during a ban process will be a Perma ban. (You can apply for an unban at #ban-appeals in our discord server)
[8] Any loopholes in any of these rules is consider punishable with a warn or ban.