Keklord's Secret Lab
North American Hosted
Gay ol' time
Everything is fair play unless it's an exploit or glitch. Don't be salty, get revenge on that scientist.

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The Steam Group is also listed in the Discord, join that too.

People requested more specific rules, this is what the admins follow. It's also in the discord.

----Basic Rules----
- Don't Cheat
- Don't Earrape
- Don't be a squeaker
----Ban Times----
- Hacking = Permban
- Earrape = Mute
- Music that isn't earrape = Fine
- Being a squeaker = Staff can abuse you as long as it's funny, nothing personal.
- Don't Hold up rounds, you will be killed
- Don't mass teamkill
- Don't godmode when you aren't class 14 (tutorial)