Floppy's SCP Server info.
Join discord here:

1. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other types of
bigotry are allowed on the server. These are bannable offenses.
2. Slurs are also strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result
in a ban.
3. No KOS of a detained d-class or scientist as a Chaos member or MTF.
4. Please do not make scenes. If someone says something mild that
Kind of offends you, please resolve it with them before going to a Staff
5. Inappropriate jokes and bad language are allowed, so please don't
overreact when someone makes a joke.
7. Staff, please do not use noclip while there is an 096 in the area
unless using noclip for moderation.
8. No teaming to make the game boring for others. You may talk to
the other classes for fun, but please do not help each other
or kill anyone while teaming.

This server is modded. We use exiled for all of our mods, and try
not to break the game... kind of.
We have the SCP 575 mod, which makes the lights go out, and
slowly damages players to benefit the SCPs.
We have the tranquilizer gun mod, which does what the name suggests.
We have added admin tools(The "tiny person mod" as some call it.)
This plugin allows staff to have some fun. This includes stacking
hundreds of dead 096s, or exploding everyone in the server,
and 012 can kill you.
Friendly fire turns on at the end of rounds aswell. This allows
people to turn the rounds into chaos after they end. The UIU rescue
squad has been added to the server. This is FBI. They
Help MTF clear the facility. SCPSWAP has also been added. This
allows people to swap SCPs in the beginning of the rounds.
You will spawn as a tutorial in a certain room before each
of the rounds. There is also a parkour course to use while
you wait for the rounds to start.
Peanut explodes, There is a respawn timer, and
airdrops. Holy ####.

To apply for staff, join the discord and take the staff applications
google form. Please do not beg for admin, it lowers your chances
Staff rules:
1. No hardcore admin abuse, unless no one is on, or you and your
friends are playing alone.
2. Please revive people if you kill them, unless you killed them
for moderation purposes.
3. Make sure to punish players based on the offense.
please don't ban people for minor offenses.

We aren't strict, so it is unlikely that you will get banned,
or that anyone will hate you.
We want to make your experience the best that it can be. ish.