<size=26>The Wolf Pack

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<size=14>The Server Rules</size=14>

1. Any form of discrimination is not allowed.
2. You must be 13 years or older to be allowed to play on this server.
3. Don't be a toxic player against others.
4. No micspam or earrape in global or proximity chats. Soundboard / music only in proximity chat.
5. No team sabotage in any shape or form.
6. Teaming with other teams to delay the round is not allowed.
7. You are not allowed to kill yourself as SCPs. (Includes leaving / re-join).
8. Any complaints / suggestions should be taken to the discord server or in game staff team.
9. Only speak English in this server.
10. Staff decisions are final, if you think you’ve been wrongfully accused, contact staff on the discord server.

OWNER: PressPlaySweden#1229

CO-OWNER: JustCallMeQuincy#9698 & Ed_PlayZ#9451

SERVER MANAGER: Mysticseas#5604 & Bandelė su džemu#9969

STAFF MANAGER: General_E#7612