Hello! Welcome to our server!

Friendly Fire is Always On!
SCP 049 Can Talk


1. Don't cheat/hack.
2. Please don't teamkill.
3. Don't delay the round.
4. Follow guidelines for microphone usage.
5. Use common sense.
6. Please don't take matters into your own hands. If someone is not following the rules, please report it to staff.
7. Have fun.

Guidelines for microphone usage:
-Please don't spam your mic
-Do not ear rape with your mic
-Do not say any racist or homophobic slurs over the mic
-You will always be warned before receiving punishments for mic related offenses

Guidelines for cross-teaming:
-Only for neutral situations (where one do not help the other)
-D class and Scientists may team up against SCPS
-Don't hold up rounds just because your friends with someone else on the other team.