<align="center">Scriptures Chaos
<align="center">We're just a new SCP:SL server looking to have fun and create some fun times!

<align="center">(Click on Discord! above for server invite)


<align="center">📓Server Rules📓
1. Use common sense, you may be punished for rules that may not be listed.
2. Harassment, discrimination, racism, nsfw behavior and offensive behavior is prohibited. Please respect all players.
3. No cheating or exploiting. Any form of cheating, hacking, exploiting glitches, or using third party software to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
4. Killing AFK teammates is prohibited.
5. No mic spam! Excessive use of voice chat that disrupts gameplay or annoys other players is not allowed. Music is fine however if anyone tells you to stop please do so.
6. No ghosting! Do not provide information about the game to alive players when spectating.
7. No camping or spawn camping. Avoid excessively camping in an area to stall rounds.
8. No team sabotage, intentionally damaging or sabotaging your teammates is prohibited.
9. No advertising. Do not share links to other communities or advertise them.
<align="center">🔌Server Plugins! 🔌
- Respawn Timer: You can now know when spectating when your going to respawn.
- Remote Keycard: If you have the required keycard in your inventory, you can open doors without holding it.