<align="center">Visit us at <color=#5579fe>dukeofleet.com</color=#5579fe>

<color="red">1:</color="red"> Do not harrass players or staff.
<color="red">2:</color="red"> Onstructive mic spam will lead to a 24 hour ban.
<color="red">3:</color="red"> Do not camp MTF/Chaos spawn.
<color="red">4:</color="red"> Light Teaming is allowed.
<color="red">5:</color="red"> Do not teamkill through any possible methods.
<color="red">6:</color="red"> Any and all Racism or Sexism will lead to a permanent ban.
<color="red">7:</color="red"> Refrain from insulting players or admins.
<color="red">8:</color="red"> Have fun!</align="center">