SCP: Rendition (Deathmatch)</size=40>

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Deathmatch Changes
Two (2) Second Spawn prot.
Rounds are Ten (10) minutes long.
All instructions for weapon choice, class, perks, etc. are shown at the top of your screen. Read carefully.
Use LeftAlt to change between chat.
For each player in the lobby, two (2) rooms are avaliable. For example if there is 10 players, only 20 rooms in the map are accessable. All other rooms will be blocked off and Decontaminated.
Decontamination: Rooms that are undergoing decontamination will be a different color, and when you walk in the room, a timer will appear. Get out as soon as possible.

<color=#7B04FB>Rule 1: Hacking will result in an immediate permanent ban with a game ban issued by official SCP:SL staff to follow.

Rule 2: Harassment, toxic behavior, and hate speech towards other players is strictly prohibited. Racism and slurs will result in an immediate three (3) day ban. This applies regardless of the player’s ethnicity and personal background.