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People under the age of 13 aren't allowed on the server.

1. No Discrimination: Nword, Fslur, Rslur, Tslur ain't allowed. As well discriminatory sentences and jokes aren't allowed either.

2. No Sexual Activities: I cannot believe I have to write this down, but for everyone's sake. DO not make masturbation sounds, moan, sex sounds, or in general nsfw content. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED.

3. No Malicious Activities: Doxxing, Ddosing, cheating, abusing glitches and further on is PROHIBITED. As well pedophilic behavior isn't allowed either, neither Zoophilia is allowed. Even if jokes.

4. Suiciding to Avoid Class: Suiciding as SCP to avoid playing it is prohibited, if soon enough in the round ask a moderator to replace you with someone or suck it up and continue playing.

5. No Kill On Sight (Kos): Killing on sight isn't allowed. However, in some cases it is.
Not Allowed
-MTF cannot kos Class-D.
-No Undetaining Personnel just to shoot them. That counts as KOS.
Allowed Kos
-MTF Can KOS Class-D if they are armed/resisting arrest/refusing orders.
-Chaos Insurgents can Kos Scientists
-Class-D Can Kos Scientists
-Scientists can Kos Class-D
-Last Player is a Class-D

6. No Camping: Self Explanatory, no camping in rooms where scps cannot get in. If you are camping for minimum 3 minutes the door will open and you'll be in trouble, and if you keep repeating it through out the day it'll lead to a more severe punishment.

7. No Teaming/Team Sabotage: Scp's aren't allowed to team with other classes, Scientists and Class-D are allowed, as well if you have detained the other person.

You cannot sabotage your own team by closing doors, elevators, gates or anything in nearby danger. If you are running to a elevator you cannot close it on your teammate that is running away from danger.

8. No False Reporting: Do not report people falsely, do not accuse them of anything without concrete evidence. If it is found out that you are falsely reporting a person. The Report you did about a person and the thing you accused them of and it's usual punishment. Would be applied to you instead of the accused.

9 .Encouragement of Rule Breaking isn't allowed: If you are encouraging someone to break a rule, and the rule you are encouraging them to break it's punishment will be assigned to you.

10. No Staff Impersonation: You aren't allowed to impersonate a staff member, if you are impersonating a staff member that will be a severe punishment.'

11. Moderators Discretion: If a moderator tells you to stop doing something, or do something. You should listen. If a moderator says something isn't allowed, then it isn't allowed.

12. Mic Spam Isn't allowed!: Spamming Soundboards,Earraping or in general annoying sounds. Those Things aren't allowed in global channels like, Scpchat,Radio,Intercom,Spectator. If told to stop, stop it if you continue you'll get punished.

If you have any arising questions, concerns, issues, or other inquiries:
- Make a ticket in the <a href="">Discord</a> or DM/Ping a member of the Management Team [Bowtie, SG Leader,GetSofied]