Server Rules

1. Absolutely NO discrimination. This includes racism, bigotry, or anything of the sort.
2. Hacking not tolerated here, or anywhere else. Offenders will be banned and reported.
3. Do not mic spam in Dead chat, SCP chat, Intercom, or Radio. Those who do so will be warned and muted if spam continues.
4. Harassment is not tolerated. Period.
5. Do not suicide to avoid playing a certain role. It is unfair to everyone.
6. Do not grief. (closing doors on teammates when there is no threat, killing those who are detained, intentionally letting your teammates die, etc.)
7. Staff members have the final say. Do not argue with them.
8. There is a fine line between a joke and an attack. If someone tells you that you are going too far, it is in your best interest to stop what you are doing.
9. Teaming with other players is allowed, as long as doesn’t hold up the round. Chaos MTF cross team is not allowed. Same with MTF scp cross team.
10. Because we are not able to monitor what is being said, please use English when speaking.
11. Don’t be an asshole, use common sense.
12. No phishing of any kind (obtaining personal information through unethical means.
13. No threatening to dox, DDOS, or attempt to do so.
14. Staff members reserve the right to punish those who are not in direct violation of the rules if they believe someone is affecting the integrity of the server.