Welcome to Secret Mythical Labs!

What makes this server a <color=#de0000>HardCore RP server? Well, lets get down to the point. Ammo is realistically scaled. Different variations of weight on classes. SCP-575 is keter and deals damage to players without flashlights. MTF Spawn in formation other than around the helo. SCP-008 is an airborne virus. And last but certainly not least, Serpents Hand and the FBI are playable spawn waves.</color>

Sadly, we have rules...

Verbal Rules

1: No Racism/Homophobia
1.1 - No racial slurs
1.2 - Homophobia - dislike of or prejudice against gay people.
2: Everyone is welcome
2.1 - Statements, questions, topics, or arguments about discriminating another person are not allowed
2.2 - Treat others how you want to be treated.
2.3 - Anthropomorphic, LGBTQ+ of any kind, etc. are allowed on this server.


Game Rules

1: No Holding Up The Round
1.1 - Knowing that you are the last on alive, and staying in one corner is unacceptable
1.2 - SCP can not team with other classes when there is one last person alive. Get it over with.
2: Give Players a chance
2.1 - Try to make peace with others or give unarmed defenseless classes a chance.
3: No Racial/Retarted Music Music
3.1 - No music with any racial Slurs and Ear-rape
4: Do Not Start Arguments


Teamkilling Rules

1: Teamkilling is allowed to an extent
1.1 - You can tamkill someone if they betrayed the team and/or are being annoying, racist, or break any of the rules
1.2 - Teamkilling for no reason is very annoying and easily bannable




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