Discord server: <color=#1485dd>https://discord.gg/2H8m6HxPBh</color>
Discord username: Epix#7775

Bug exploits, hacks and cheats are not allowed
You can camp only if you are NOT the last one alive
Threats of ddosing, hacking or doxing will result in a ban
False reporting is prohibited
Do NOT call out admins/staff who have their tags off
Mic Spamming is allowed everywhere except intercom and spectator chat
Do NOT die or leave to avoid playing as an unwanted class
Teaming is allowed as long as it doesn't stall the round
Do NOT kill obedient cuffed players
Do NOT kos d-bois or scientists unless they are holding weapons

Respawn Timer - Shows the time left until mtf/chaos will spawn
Ultimate AFK - Good plugin for detecting and kicking afk players

Have fun and enjoy your stay on <color=#1485dd>Epixbois</color></color>