Illuminatic SCP: Secret Laboratory Server Rules

1. Be respectful to any Staff Member on the Server

2. Be also respectful to every other Member on the Server

3. Do not use a Soundpad on the Unicom Station

4. Do not troll your Team Members by closing the Elevators or Doors while they want to go threw or use one of them

5. If any Staff Member talks to you, please stay calm and read the Rules. We will give you 3 Warnings before you get kicked. After this kick we will ban you for a defined amount of Time.

6. You can always use this Server to create content like Streaming or recording Videos on here -> Join the Server to get your Content Creator Ingame Role

Server Roles:

The Administrator -> Server owner
05 Council -> Admin
The Red Right Hand -> Moderator
Trusted -> Friend of one of the other Staff members
Content creator -> YouTuber or Streamer with at least 5k followers

Please join our Discord Server -> https://discord.gg/5YrcVuVvjK to keep updated and give us some Feedback and Suggestions on our Work!