◆Attention this is a beta server, any bugs please feedback through the link below◆

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Server Rules:
[1] Do not hack/cheat.
[2] Harassment, racism, sexism, and toxic behaviour won’t be tolerated.
[3] In general, speaking Chinese and English only.(Other languages are allowed, but mass is prohibited)
[4] No team sabotage as MTF is allowed.Includes turning off generators, killing obedient D-Class which have been cuffed by another MTF, and uncuffing D-Class right before their escape (to turn them into Chaos, preventing an MTF win)
[5] Follow all the SCP:SL EULA.
[6] Happiness the most important!

若你违反以上规则,我们有权对你进行封禁处理, 如违反用户协议则可能导致您的Steam被VAC封禁

举报反馈(Report channel):
点击此进行举报和反馈,请认真填写否则我们有权不处理举报内容(Click here to report)

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