<size=30>Welcome to
SCP:SL JUKERS!!!</size=40>

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Rule 2. Abusing our in-game report system will result in harsh punishment.
Rule 3. Respect all staff decisions.
Rule 4. Racism, homophobia, or transphobia will not be tolerated and will result in harsh punishment. This applies to music/soundboards as well.
Rule 6. Harassment towards any player is not allowed.
Rule 9. No toxicity of any sort since we're all here to have fun.
Rule 10. Micspamming in global chats is not allowed, as well as NSFW topics/sound clips are not allowed in proximity chat (Soundboards are allowed in intercom as long it isn't NSFW or earrape).
Rule 11. Please use common sense.
Joining our server means you have read our rules.

Take it easy and have fun! this server is to just chill.
Some rules are missing due to the fact it isnt actual gameplay