<size=30>Welcome to the
SCP:SL JUKERS CASUAL Server!!!</size=40>

For any Help/Support/Reporting, please join our Discord!
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Rule 1. ALL guards/mtf cannot KOS d class and are preferred detain d-class UNLESS disobeying orders, holding
a weapon, or refusing to surrender (seeing a d-class enacting any of
these while in spectate "is not a valid excuse to KOS them").
Rule 2. No killing of disarmed personnel. (also includes uncuffing before they escape)
Rule 3. Respect all staff decisions.
Rule 4. Being Homophobic, Transphobic, Racist and will be an immediate ban.
Rule 5. No hacking or Game Breaking exploits(EX. making yourself unkillable or getting out of bounds).
Rule 6. No harassment towards any player.
Rule 7. No camping in one area for 3 minutes.
Rule 8. Roleplaying is fine as long as it is not holding up the round.
Rule 9. No toxicity of any sort since we're all here to have fun.
Rule 10. No Micspamming in Global Chats, also no NSFW in Local Chat (Soundboards are fine in intercom as long as it doesn't earrape and also doesn't includes NSFW).
Rule 11. Please use common sense.
Rule 12. Bullet Hole Art MUST NOT Violate Rule 4 or NSFW.
Joining our server means you have read our rules.
Important! Shooting the tower will make the tower shoot back!
Take it easy and have fun! this server is to just chill.
DISABLED FOR NOW Zombie Infection is on here and zombies can do 40 DMG and cure chance is 70% w/ medkits
Events & Tournaments Sometimes (w/ prizes)