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incredibly awesome features:
- bri'ish community
- spud dedicated server
- flashbang on very fine is guaranteed cola
- doctor and zombie can use proximity chat
- frag grenade damage is x2 for humans
- auto-nuke at 20 minutes (cannot be de-activated)

You are expected to follow these rules by playing on this server:
1. Do not micspam. This applies only to Spectator Chat, SCP Chat, and Radio Chat.

2. Do not partake in or incite behaviour that can be considered offensive, derogatory or discriminatory.
- This includes but is not limited to saying the n-word and the f-slur.

3. Do not harass people or continually offend/upset them. Banter is okay, but there is a fine line.

4. Do not sabotage your team, this applies only to the following:
- Scientists/Guards/MTF repeatedly disabling generators in order to stop SCP-079 from being contained.
- Intentionally closing doors on fellow teammates to get them killed.
- Telling an enemy to kill one of your fellow teammates.
- Assisting an enemy in killing your fellow teammates.
- SCP-096 intentionally breaking the doors to SCP-106's chamber to get them contained.
- SCP-079 using the tesla gates to kill fellow SCPs.

These rules are not set in stone. Staff may adapt them, and exceptions do exist.
If you consider yourself to have been illegitimately warned, banned or perma-muted, you can appeal in the Discord with a valid reason.

Hacking and exploiting is strictly prohibited and will see your account reported to Northwood.

Staff Members
Staff will have one of the following tags assigned to them:
- Server Host
- Spud
- Senior Moderator
- Moderator
- Trial Moderator