Banana's Crew

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- No KOSing a Detained Person
- No Uncuffing A player just to shoot them

Official Server Rules

<b>1.You MUST be 13 or older to play on this server
<size=12><b>2.Don't delay the round, your location will be broadcasted if you are last alive or multiple people are in one area
<size=12><b>3.No mic spamming in any voice chat except from playing music in proximity
<size=12><b>4.No discrimination of any kind, for example : N word, F word and T word
<size=12><b>5.Abusing exploits is not tolerated and will result in a tempban
<size=12><b>6.Cheating will result in a permanent ban
<size=12><b>7.Teaming is not allowed, however making a deal to stay alive is allowed, deals expire in entrance zone+
<size=12><b>7a.Players can make agreements with other players to get out of a room or to get items
<size=12><b>7b.You cannot have a deal to escape on surface
<size=12><b>8.Kos is not allowed (Kill On Sight) on this server
<size=12><b>8a.If somebody is holding a gun, not following your orders, running Away, refusing to be cuffed, you are allowed to kill them
<size=12><b>8b.Uncuffing someone at the exit counts as Kos
<size=12><b>8c.If you surrender and kill someone after Surrendering you will be punished
<size=12><b>8d.You don't have to kill guards, mtf or chaos you can cuff them and get them on your side
<size=12><b>8e.You are not allowed to kill cuffed players even if they are a chaos or mtf
<size=12><b>8f.Kos with pink candy is allowed
<size=12><b>9.Don't target people just because they are a moderator or a content creator
<size=12><b>10.This is a english speaking server
<size=12><b>11.Please use common sense
<size=12><b>12.Just have fun<size=12><b>

Plugin List Available On The Discord Server

CedMod(Clickable) If you would like to appeal your ban please do it by cedmod

<size=20>Server Contact's

Contact Email: [email protected]
Discord support and server reports contact: XFunnyBanana#2525
Discord (server owner) contact: Reggie Revolver#7857