Welcome to the server, Quantum Networks are a SCP:SL Roleplay Community, Enjoy your Stay! ;)
Discord Server:

[x] No racist, anti-semitic, or sexually abusive comments toward others.
[x] No impersonating staff members.
[x] No being disrespectful to other players or staff.
[x] No threatening to DDoS or take down our network [perm-ban and IP logging]
[x] No asking for other players personal information (IE: home address, phone number)
[x] No mic or chat spamming.
[x] No calling out YouTubers! Leave them be, and acting clingy will result in a warn/ban.
[x] No glitching in/out of unauthorized areas.
[x] Do NOT leave a staff sit. It will automatically extend your punishment by a week ban.
[x] Scripts are detected and punishable by a permanent ban.
[x] Advertising other servers will result in a perma-ban.
[x] Porn, and other NSFW items added will result in a ban.
[x] Call players by their roleplay names.
[x] Roleplay as your characters Job. e.g As a MTF Evacuate Any Scientists, Don't yoink a card and gtfo.
[x] Do not Micspam on the intercom.
[x] Do Not Suicide to change classes, Wait until the next round.
[x] Do Not Betray Teamates.
[x] Do not camp for longer than 2-3 Minutes.

Owner: Yang, Yokai
Head Admin: Conrad
Admin: Cooperate, Den

Special Thanks to Yokai and Conrad for making this description.