[UK] Mysterious MiniGames
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▶ Available MiniGames
Color Party, Grenade Survival,
Peanut Run, Red Light Green Light,
True or False, Warhead Run
from 5 people : Deathmatch, 1HP FFA
from 6 people: Team Deathmatch, Hide and Seek


<size=120%>▶ Server Rules
<size=80%>The rules are based on common sense,
so if you are mature enough, you have nothing to worry about.
1. It is the player's responsibility to follow the rules of the individual minigame.
2. It is forbidden to spoil the game for others
3. It is forbidden to advertise websites, servers, etc. without permission
4. It is not allowed to interrupt conversations or make annoying noises on the Microphone. (Binds are allowed in reasonable proportion)
5. Toxicity is not allowed
6. Provoking arguments and drama is prohibited.
7. Discrimination (racism, sexism, etc.) in any form is strictly prohibited.
8. Cheating or Exploiting is punishable by a permanent ban.
9. It is forbidden to favor friends or famous people.
10. Impersonating Server Staff or people is not allowed.