WTH community hub [FF ON][PLUGINS][discord.gg/GNW3WpZ]

The server uses the following plugins:
-Better Sinkholes
-Chopper Drops
-CI Spy
-Custom announcements
-Disconnect replace (if someone disconnects from a live match you take their place)
-Lights (Power outages and darkness)
-OhNeinSix (Lore friendly 096)
-SCP-939 can use the intercom
-Serpents Hand
-Stalky 106 (Lore friendly 106)
-Surface Tension (Post nuke sudden death to prevent endless rounds)

Be sure to join our community discord! We're always open to suggestions or new gameserver ideas!
We are Europe based and are looking for all the hands we can get, so join today!

Friendly fire is on!
Always up to date!
Linux based, if you need help setting up a server, join our discord and let one of the admins know!