mnsb223's Mad House
Heavily Modded Server

1. No team sabotage/TK. This includes, but is not limited to: "Tesla gate-ing" teammates as SCP-079, activating nuke after told not to, etc.
2. Teaming between MTF and Chaos Insurgency is not allowed, except if you're coming to a truce to cuff one or the other.
3. Do not kill cuffed players. This includes cuffed MTF, CI, Scientists, Class-D and Facility Guards
4. Teaming between a human faction and an SCP is not allowed. Sparing Class-D/Scientists is allowed, but actively teaming and assisting them is not okay.
5. Soundboards are allowed in proximity chat only (if not too loud or obnoxious). If someone asks you to stop, please stop. Do not blast ear rape/disturbing sounds.
6. Camping or stalling the game is not allowed. This includes: Camping in the nuke room silo, camping in keycard-restricted areas, etc.
7. Please refrain from -isms. (Sexism, racism, ageism, etc. [including homophobia])
8. Don't be annoying on purpose.

Stalk [SCP-106]: SCP-106 can double click his portal creation button to stalk a random player.
Auto Friendly Fire: Enables Friendly Fire at the end of the round.
SCPSWAP: Allows you to trade your SCP with another player.
Auto-Nuke: The Nuke will be automatically enabled after 20 minutes. It cannot be turned off.
PFE: SCP-173 explodes on death.
uAFK: Swaps AFK players with someone else in the spectators.
AFK Command: Players can write .afk in their console to avoid being spawned in MTF/CI spawn waves.
Remote Keycard: You don't need to get your keycard out to open doors.
Tesla Gate Manager: Having a Facility Manager/O5 keycard in your inventory will disable tesla gates close to you (or also be a tutorial)
SCPList: Gives access to the ".scplist/.scps" command to SCPs.
Ghost Spectator: When you die, you'll spawn as a "ghost spectator", a spectator that can move around. Prevents knowing where everyone is before spawning.
SCPList: Gives access to the ".scplist/.scps" command to SCPs.
Respawn Timer: You'll get a message telling you how long is left before you respawn.
Lone079: When 079 is the last SCP, they will be transformed as a random SCP, with less HP.
Better939: Reworks SCP-939.