Welcome to The <color=#b000f3>Deep End! </color></size>

Please read the rules listed below

Additional Server Info Below Rules

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1. [LISTEN TO MODS] The moderators of the server are here to make the game a more enjoyable environment for you.
Please do not argue with mods and instigate anything as it will make it harder for us to do our job.

2. [NO HARASSMENT] Do not harass other players or be excessively rude/disruptive.
3. [NO CHEATING] If you are caught cheating and/or hacking you will be permanently banned from the server.
4. [NO EXTREMITIES] Death threats or threatening harm towards people outside the game will result in a permanent suspension with no appeal. Harassing members of the community outside game whether it be witch hunting or sexually will result in a permanent suspension with no appeal.
5. [NO HATE SPEECH] Hate speech is intolerable behavior and we are highly against it here. Hate speech is defined as abusive or threatening speech or prejudice against a player about their religion, sexuality or ethnicity.


1. [NO TEAM-KILLING] D-Class are only allowed to team-kill other D-Class.
This does not mean D-Class can team kill Chaos Insurgency and vice versa.

2. [NO EARRAPE] No excessively loud noises on the intercom, in global chat or in spectator chat.
3. [KOS] This server allows KOS (killing on sight). Please do not report players for killing you on sight.
4. [TEAMING] Teaming is allowed no matter what team it may be.
5. [NO GRIEFING] Do not shut doors on your teammates or call elevators on them with the intent to get them killed. Also do not flashbang your teammates on purpose just to blind them right before a fight.
Do NOT shoot your teammates once, twice or even thrice. Team tapping/bleeding is very much considered griefing.


[FREEDOM OF SPEECH] Members are allowed to say whatever they'd like to an extent. This means that you can say whatever you please so long as it isn't anything pedophilic, personal attacks, or sexually harassing other members. Use common sense and don't take a joke too far.

[SCP-294] (currently disabled) A coffee machine that contains a variety of drinks with different effects! Type ".scp294 list" (without quotes) to see the list of drinks you can buy. If you are having trouble attempting to purchase a drink, be sure that you are typing in the command correctly, are standing close as possible to the machine and that you are holding a coin in your hand.

1. [Emoting!] You can open up the console by pressing ~ on your keyboard and type .emote for a goofy little dance (have to be a human class)

To open up the console and see list of commands press the ` key and type .help