Skull Island
[Heavily Modded]

Server Rules
Rule #1: Facility Guards<b> cannot KOS <b>Class-D Personnel In Light Containment Zone, Heavy Containment Zone, or the Pocket Dimension. Facility Guards however can KOS Class-D in Entrance Zone and Surface zone.
Rule #1b: Facility Guards<b> cannot purposefully camp HCZ Checkpoint to kill <b>Class-D entering Entrance Zone
Rule #2: Mic Spamming is allowed in Proximity Chat, but earraping isn't allowed
Rule #3: Sparing is allowed, but only if it's not holding up the round. This does not mean teaming is allowed.
Rule #4: Politics or sensitive subjects are not allowed to be spoken
Rule #5: Sexual Behavior on the server is strictly prohibited
Rule #6: Racial Slurs, Homophobia, or any other sensitive words is prohibited
Rule #7: Drama is not allowed on the server
Rule #8: Unfair advantages are not allowed, such as autoclicking, climbing in unreachable places, using size to your advantage, abusing bugs, etc.
Rule #9: No shooting obedient cuffed personnel. This includes uncuffing to shoot them, or uncuffing before escape.
Rule #10: No team griefing. This includes disabling the nuke when it would advantage your team, teaming with enemy teams, and generally not contributing to your team, or suicide as a zombie.
Rule #11: Just being annoying on purpose is prohibited. This includes toxicity.


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