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- Bandwagon is a server made for everyone. Come enjoy your time and have fun! We try to allow everyone to have a good time and to always have fun!
- We have many plugins! We are always open to suggestions on them as well!

Server Features:
(Full plugin list on the discord)
- You can hold items in 914
- Friendly fire enables at round end
- You can use your keycard without holding it
- Custom 914 upgrades (ask around they might let you in on the secret)
- SCP Stats are supported
- Spectator list (see who is interested in your gameplay)
- Respawn timer
- SCP Swap


- Do not use racial slurs or talk down on other races

- Do not gang up and harass other players

- Treat others with some basic respect

- Teaming is allowed as long as it does not hold up the round (You are not allowed to team with someone and then kill others of the same class)

- KOS is allowed just as long as you make it interesting and fun for all parties involved

- Server members are not allowed to beg for items, roles, or admin

- Do not hold up the round by camping in one place for more than 3 minutes

- Music and soundboards are allowed as long as they are not overused or spammed to annoy others

Admin Rules:

- No admin abusing

- Do not alter the round in any way using the admin panel

- If you see anyone abusing their admin powers msg the owner or bouncer or admin in the discord

- Do not use admin powers to give people special treatment

If you have any suggestions please put them in the discord in the suggestions tab. We greatly appreciate your feedback and want to know the best ways for the server to grow. This can't be done without you the players so we greatly appreciate that you enjoy and play on the server. Don't forget to give it a follow and to come back often!!!