Welcome to The Crit-Zone | EVENT SERVER

Here we will be hosting our own special game modes and fun events for you all to participate in!
Make sure to join our discord here to keep up with upcoming events: Click Here!
Here are some rules to which you must follow:

1: No mic spamming. (Soundboard, Blowing into Mic etc.)
2: Do not kill Class-D on sight unless they are seen with a firearm.
3: Do not hack. (Obviously)
4: Do not use foul language such as the N word. (Normal Slurs are fine)
5: Respect one another.
6: Do not abuse any form of glitches to gain an advantage.
7: Harassment is not tolerated!
8: Do not team with alternative teams. (Chaos and SCP's are the only exception)
9: Use common sense.