1. D-class KOS is not allowed. Guards and MTF can't kill unarmed D-class as long as they are compliant

2. No cross teaming except for chaos teaming with SCPs (You may spare others, but no teaming)

3. No mic spamming on any long range/global chats

4. Don't be rude. No toxicity

5. Please don't intentionally sabotage/kill your teammates

6. NTF/Scientist to D-class teaming is allowed as long as Chaos aren't present

7. If it is clear that a certain team has already won the game, please don't stall the game by hiding/running

8. Use common sense. Admins word is rule (to a certain extent)

9. Admin abuse is not allowed. Please report any admins abusing their powers

10. Do not try to find and/or use loopholes