Welcome To the Solar Server
The Discord Server https://discord.gg/JQvtM7Ftn3
~~~~THE RULES ~~~~~
1# No hacking
2# No Ear rape
3# No saying the N Word
4# No Sound Boarding in The Waiting Room when your dead
5# No Begging For Staff Admin or mod or owner
6# No Being Toxic
7# No Breaking The Rules U get a Banned
8# Do not abuse plugin issues or any exploits to lag the server, glitch into bugged spots of the map, or gain some other unfair
advantage over others
9# No verbal advertisements of any form, including over the intercom or in voice chat
10# Do not suicide to avoid playing as a class
11# Do not camp the nuke room silo
12# Staff members reserve the right to punish players for general harassment or annoyance even if you’re not breaking a specific rule. Do not try loop holing any of these rules
13# Teaming with a user from another team is generally allowed, so long as it doesn’t stall the round.