[US/SE/DK] The Peanut Gang

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1. Do not be rude or annoy players. It just makes the game less fun for the players that want to play and have fun. It is Ok to swear as long as it isn't against someone and that it doesn't make other players feel uncomfortable, mad, or sad.

2. Don't play music, or sounds in spectator or in Radio. It isn't fun for other players and can be annoying. Playing music in proximity chat normally not in spectator or radio is allowed as long as it doesn't sound or ear rapes or anything annoying for other players.

3. Do not use glitches, mods or exploits to help you win the game. It will destroy everyone else experience on the server and be less fun. If you stumble upon a glitch you need to report it to devs, staff members, or the owner.
Do not abuse that glitch.

4. Do not cross team. Teaming is fine just for a short time. However, do not abuse teaming such as one SCP and one Facility guard or more teams the whole round is not allowed. Teaming such as Class-D and SCPs can team for a short time. The CI also known as Chaos Insurgency is allowed to team if they want to.

5. Do not sabotage your team on purpose such as actions that make them slower or killing them when friendly fire is no or succeeding to become a zombie and killing your teammates.

6. Do not purposely go around refusing to fight or camp etc. If you are the last one on your team you need to fight, kill yourself or let the other team kill you. This rule is mostly made for CI, MTF and SCPs.

7. Do not target a specific person every round. This is jut annoying for the player and it will ruin the game for that player.

8. Always listen to staff members. If you ignore a staff member purposely you can get a higher punishment that is fitting for the action you did. If you argue about the punishment you can get a worse punishment than that. staff members are allowed to punish you for something even if it isn't on the rules.

9. Do not avoid punishment(s) by joining with an alt. That includes friends, parents, and everyone you know accounts. This will lead to a permanent ban on every alt account you have.

10. Use your brain while playing on the server. I mean think about what you're saying and if it is right or not. Do not be a person that doesn't think before saying what they're saying.

11, Do not join just to complain about punishments you got in the discord server or things you don't link about the server.

12. If a staff member is abusing their powers contact a higher up member of the staff team or contact the owner. If you as a member join in and laugh or do something to help the staff member, you will get a punishment for that action.

This server is hosted in Sweden
Freandly Fire will be switched on and off some times.
If you are intrested you can apply for staff at our discord.
We need staff members so go and join our discord and apply! If you want to.
Don't forget to read all the rules!