General Rules:
1. Dont be Toxic
2. No bullying / discrimination
3. Mic Spam is allowed however it is not to be played in SCP chat/Spectator chat
4. No Exploiting / hacking
5. Dont purposely delay the round

Game Changing List:
- Chaos DO NOT win with SCPs
- Serpents hand can spawn in to help the SCPs
- SCP012 : Adds 012 to the game.
- The game starts in a cool lobby
- 049 can speak
- You can see who and what you going to respawn as
- Auto Nuke will go off 19 minutes into the game

Teaming Rules:

- SCP's Cant team with any other class except serpants hand

- D-Class and Scientists can team with each other and kill each other as they please.
(Please Note that Friendly Fire is off)

- MTF/Guards and Chaos cannot team Except for the one of the following
-- Escorting D-Class/Scientist to Larry's and/or Disarmed and helping them escape to join the other team.
--- However even though it is encouraged to escort players out it is optional and you may just kill them.