Foundation 7 [Role-Play]

Foundation 7 Roleplay Rules
1. Respect your fellow personnel.

2. Do not ask for SCP roles, they are always picked at random.

3. Refrain from any form of harassment, discrimination, or other similar offensive behavior.

4. Do not cheat, hack, or exploit to gain an unfair advantage.

5. Please refrain from playing loud music, making annoying sounds, or playing "earrape" content.

6. Try to stay in character. FailRP is a punishable offense.

7. FearRP act as if you were playing in real life.

8. Follow your role guides and act your rank. You can find role information in the info sections of the class divisions.

9. No ERP or sexual activities.

10. Do not discuss political or religious topics.

11. If you are an SCP, please do not team with other SCPs unless authorized to do so.

12. Please refrain from using SCP items if you are guard, scientist, or MTF.

13. N word baiting is prohibited

14. Follow Northwood EULA

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