Larry's Lawn



1. Teaming IS allowed, but teams have to make sense.
1a. Cross-Teaming Teams: Cuffed Personnel - ALL EXCEPT SCPs. Scientists - D-Class. D-Class Facility Guards. D-Class - SCPs. Chaos - SCPs.
1b. Teaming is allowed when both sides run out of ammo, until you get ammo.
1c. SCPs can show mercy.

2. Do not suicide as an SCP, this will lead to a warning, then kick and a possible ban.
2a. Suicide as SCP-049-2 will lead to a 5 minute ban without warning.

3. Do not attempt to team kill.
3a. This includes SCP-079 using the Tesla Gate to team kill SCPs, throwing a ball while in a room with your teammates (unless event), and using the MicroHID to kill friendly SCPs.
3b. SCPs do not need to be friendly if others are.

4. Do not kill in LCZ.
4a. The only exceptions are self defense, someone stole something from you in SCP-914, or someone is teaming with an SCP.

5. Suicide as MTF will result in a kick.
5a. MTF cannot team with any other teams but Scientists and Facility Guards.

6. Do not mic spam/play earrape songs. Soundboards are only permitted for donors.

7. No ghosting.

8. Advertising is prohibited. This will result in a warning then mute.

9. Keep it PG-13.