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<indent=10%>Facility Guards and NTF are not allowed to kill D-Class on sight. Disarm them instead. The same goes for Chaos Insurgency on Scientists.</indent>

<indent=10%>Facility Guards, NTF and Scientists are not allowed to team with SCPs, Chaos Insurgency and Class-D, unless they are cuffed. Chaos Insurgency and Class-D are allowed to team with SCPs, but they do not have to. Serpents Hand is allowed to team with Class-D and Chaos Insurgency, but they do not have to</indent>

Chat Usage
<indent=10%>We have a zero-tolerance policy on racism, harrassment, discrimination and hate speech</indent>

<indent=10%>Micspam is only allowed in proximity chat and on the intercom. Earrape is never allowed. Micspam in SCP chat is only allowed if all SCPs agree on it.</indent>