1# harassment, bullying, racism and homophobia is not allowed on this server and will result in a ban.
2# Cheating/exploiting is not allowed.
3# Mic spamming over the radio, intercom, scp chat and spectator chat is not allowed.
4# Advertisements for servers are not allowed but advertisements for streams are allowed at minimum.
5# Camping and teaming is allowed unless its delaying round.
6# KOS is not allowed unless player is seen with: Gun, Disarmer, Grenade/Flashbang or the player is seen trying to escape capture

1# no shutting doors on teammates causing them to die
2# killing other scps with tesla as 079 is not allowed
3# telling an scp to kill one of your team

in game reports only for hackers, reports for team killing, toxicity and KOS must be filled out on the discord: or directly to my discord: saltyslime7#9170 and HAVE FUN!