Welcome to the SCP:SL server by Pixol!

Server Rules

1. Teaming
1.1. SCPs are not allowed to team with anyone, kill on sight.
1.2. You may not team with your 'natural' enemies, a.k.a. the opposition.
1.3. Bullying / following a nerd is not an act of teaming.
1.4. Acts of deception are fair game.

2. Spamming
2.1. Reeee'ing through your microphone is not allowed, but short bursts of meme'ry or cries of fear are generally not frowned upon.
2.2. Reeee'ing through the intercom is equally not allowed, but yadda-yadda.. (read 2.1)
2.3. Elevator music is welcomed when using the intercom.
2.4. Absolutely no screeching your lungs out during the lobby intermission.

3. Friendly Fire
3.1. Don't hold a grudge against your (accidental) team-killer, just report them to the Pixol staff on Discord.
3.3. Try not to team-kill too much, an automated ban system is in place for chronic offenders.
3.4. Execute Order 66 on microphone screechers, no exceptions.


Global Rules

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This server was bestowed the blessing of the Baguettes on 13/10/2021, happy lunching!