The Pentagon

Server restarts at 05:00 EST / 04:00 CST / 02:00 PST

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1. Discord: Destroyer08797#0000
2. Email: [email protected]


Rules are enforced at staff's discretion

1. Use common sense! If you are thinking about saying/doing something that you know is wrong, just don’t do it.
2. No abusing glitches, bugs, and exploits knowingly.
3. Usage of external/third-party software is forbidden.
4. Targeted verbal harassment towards other players will not be tolerated. Treat others how you want to be treated.
5. Usage of slurs and extreme hate speech is forbidden.
6. Mic spamming is only allowed for intercom and in-game chat. Spectator chat and radio mic spamming are not allowed. However, excessively loud audio will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
7. No intentionally stalling rounds out.
8. Cross-teaming is not allowed! The only exception is CDs teaming up with ScDs/Guards/MTF and SCPs teaming with Chaos (as long as they don't count as targets).
9. Team Sabotage is forbidden. Team Sabotage is defined as intentionally griefing your team. Some examples are:
9a. Repeatedly closing doors on your teammates for no purpose
9b. Killing yourself as an SCP.
9c. Killing yourself as a zombie.
9d. Intentionally turning off generators while playing as a Foundation Class
9e. Uncuffing CDs/ScDs to terminate them or make them become chaos.
10. Kill on sight - KOS is allowed. However, CDs/ScDs that are cuffed can not be killed.
11. Report system usage
11a. Only use the report system in the case of actual offenses. Abusing the report system will result in a ban. Examples of vote abuse are; making more than 1 report (even if it is serious), Reporting with an unprofessional or jokingly stated reason, reporting a player for doing something that our rules or guidelines allow. (Read the rules carefully before filing!)
11b. If have recorded evidence regarding a report or an appeal, you can join our discord server and deliver it to our staff, you can do this anonymously if you so wish.