The Martinet Insurgency



[1] Trust your gut. If you think its wrong, its probably wrong.

[2] Respectful behavior is expected at all times. Do not engage in excessive trash talk or discriminatory behavior.

[3] Teaming is allowed, as long as it does not hold rounds up.

[4] Using exploits or cheats will result in an immediate ban.

[5] Do not camp in certain areas for extended periods, such as the nuke room or spawn points.

[6] Mic spamming is not directly against the rules, but if a staff member tells you to stop you must listen.

[7] Team griefing such as closing doors on teammates or trapping them is not allowed.

[8] Suicide may result in punishment upon multiple attempts.

[9] Our staff has the right to carry out punishments for rules not on this list, and they have the final say. If you feel that they were abusing their powers, please reach out to us on our Discord server.