1 No Harassment
• Please be respectful and don't harass anyone in this server. Targeted harassment of specific individuals is not allowed under any circumstances. Treat your fellow players with respect!

2 No Teaming
• Teaming up with someone on an opposing is prohibited. Clear exceptions being D-class/Facility Guards, Scientist's/Chaos, and Chaos/SCPS.

3 No Cheating, Hacking, Exploiting, ETC.
• Cheating, Hacking, Exploiting, ETC is strictly prohibited. This includes using an external program to gain an advantage, abusing game bugs/exploits in order to gain an advantage, or any other means of un-sportsmen-like gameplay.

4 No Discrimination
• Discrimination is strictly prohibited. This includes any kind of hateful slurs, "extremism" content, hate towards a targeted group, or any other kind of discriminatory actions. The server is not a place to spread hate.

5 KOS is allowed
• If you see someone of an opposing team there are no restrictions for you to open fire, we like to play the game here not roleplay.

6 Impersonating Staff
• Impersonating Staff is prohibited, pretty self explanatory.

7 No Camping
• Staying in a single spot/area for an extended period of time is prohibited. This rule may be flexible based on the current in-game situation.

8 No Ear-rape
• Ear rape is prohibited, This includes soundboards, getting too close to your microphone, general background noise, ETC.