Noah's Nation


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We are a fun little community server with active moderators. We have events going on every 5 rounds, and our patreon members/staff can also force any event whenever they want. We'd love if you joined us for a few rounds, and introduced yourself to our community!

Come say hi :)

- A custom, exclusive events plugin! An event will naturally occur every 5 rounds, and patreon members can request a custom event whenever they want using the .event command. Enjoy!

- Serpents Hand, an organisation that works with the SCPs to eliminate any other subjects.
- SCP 106 can "stalk" his victims, bringing our server closer to the lore. He can double click his create sinkhole button to stalk humans and appear at their feet, allowing for more interesting 106 gameplay. More information can be found whilst playing as 106.
- Cuffed ClassD / Scientists cannot take damage from the opposing teams. This is to enforce our KOS rules.
- Ranks for Discord Members & stat tracking on our discord, as well as on individual in game ranks! (discord linked above, custom ranks only available through our patreon page)
- Auto nuke at 25 minutes.
- Automatically toggles friendly fire on round end for fun endings to rounds!
- You can play left handed! Simply type .lefthand in the client console. (press ` to open it)
- A hint appears when you look at 096 and when someone looks at you while you play as 096.
- Sinkholes in LCZ will send you to the pocket dimension & slow your movement.
- Spawn notifications while in spectator to see when you'll spawn, and as what class!
- SCP 173 and 096 gain a small amount of health on kill.
- Supply Drop every 10 minutes at MTF spawn
- Wait And Chill, a more fun and interactive lobby whilst waiting for games to start!
- An AFK detector - if someone goes AFK for a certain amount of time, they'll be swapped out with a spectator. This can be bypassed through our patreon page (linked above).
- And a few extras, such as size commands with mini events & other fun activities.


KOS (Killing On Sight) is not allowed. As a Scientist and Class-D, you can freely kill other players, unless someone else already has that player in their custody. As MTF/Chaos, KOS of Class D or Scientists is strictly prohibited, unless they are not cooperating with your commands, or shooting at you. If they are willing to be cuffed, cuff them.

1. No using hacks, cheats, or exploits (All will result in a permanent ban)
2. No mic-spam in spectator or SCP chat. No annoying mic spam in proximity chat e.g. music - if someone asks you to stop, stop.
3. No teamkilling (Class D on Class D teamkilling is allowed)
4. No killing cuffed Class D (Unless they are refusing to follow commands) or killing class D who have agreed to be cuffed.
5. No cross-teaming (SCP & MTF). Chaos and SCP's are allowed to team, but this isn't always guaranteed (depends on amount of D class alive.)
6. Listen to moderators/admins (We are here to keep the server fun)
7. No intentionally holding up the round (Camping in rooms that nobody else can enter)
8. No verbal abuse towards other players or staff
9. Do not sabotage your team by closing doors or by changing #914 settings (Excluding Class D on Class D)
10. Do not attempt to impersonate staff
11. No advertising without staff permission
12. False reporting and abuse of in-game reporting function are prohibited
13. Encouraging others to violate server rules is prohibited